Privacy Policy

If Ceraverse detects that the user is using the site in violation of these privacy policies or laws, or if a request for an investigation or review is made by the competent authorities, it has the right to report the information on the user to the competent authorities. Moreover, in a similar case, Ceraverse also has the right to take other measures prescribed under the privacy principles.
Ceraverse allows your personal data composed of your name, surname and location information to be shared with its business partners and all Ceraverse affiliates within your knowledge in order to contact you with the purpose of marketing and suggesting and profiling products and services you may be interested in, improving the quality of service provided with statistical studies, advertisements, promotions, marketing and communication activities and better maintaining website activities and only with the purpose of performing such activities.
Ceraverse users’ personal data shall not be used in any way, except for the basis and scope set out under this Clarification Text.
Ceraverse always reserves the right to share information on personal data upon requests by official authorities responsible for public safety.
Ceraverse identifies and uses the IP address of the users when necessary, in order to identify problems related to the system and to troubleshoot problems that may arise on the Site immediately. IP addresses may also be used to identify users in general and to gather comprehensive demographic information. Links to other sites can be provided within Ceraverse, and any forwarding can be made. Ceraverse does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of the sites accessed via the link.
This site has security measures to prevent loss, abuse or modification of information under our control.

Personal Data
The personal data of the user and user’s clients are accessible only to the user, except for Ceraverse, and this information can only be updated by the user. Personal data will also be able to be updated by Ceraverse upon request of the user.
Information gathered from this site may be transferred in case of changes in the company structure resulting from situations such as sales, merger or restructuring of the company.
Ceraverse may change the provisions of this Clarification Text at any time by publishing it on the Website. The provisions of the Clarification Text that Ceraverse changes take effect on the date of its publication on the Website.
Processing of personal data refers to all kinds of processes performed on personal data such as obtaining, recording, storing, keeping, changing, re-arranging, disclosure, transferring at home or abroad, taking over, making available, classification or prevention of use in whole or in part, automatic or partially automatic (cookies) or non-automatic ways, being part of any data recording system.
Ceraverse requests some of your personal data (name, surname, date of birth, age, sex, marital status, interests, e-mail address, phone number etc.) to be provided while its website is being used with the purposes of procuring better service for its users, improving its products and services, facilitating the use of the website and conducting studies and doing demonstrations intended for its users’ interests; and collects, processes and uses your personal data in line with these purposes. The Site can be shared with third parties within the scope of cooperation with third parties in order to provide better services and improve services. The User agrees that the personal data to be used, processed, transferred and stored by Ceraverse under these terms and conditions.
As per the Law on Personal Data Protection, Users have the right to:
find out if their personal data has been processed; request information regarding the personal data if it is processed; learn the purpose of processing their data and whether this data is used for intended purposes; know the third parties to whom personal data has been transferred at home or abroad; request correction of the data if it is processed incompletely or inaccurately; request the deletion or removal of your personal data if the reasons requiring the processing of your personal data to be disappeared; request notification of the above-mentioned correction, deletion or removal to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred, in accordance with the Article 7 of the Law on Personal Data Protection; raise an objection to the emergence of a result against you by analyzing your processed data exclusively through automated systems; and claim damages if you incur losses due to unlawful processing of your personal data.
Please contact the website admin directly for your applications regarding the correction, blocking or deletion of your personal data and any questions for the protection of such data.

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However, if users wish, they can change the browser settings so that the cookie file does not arrive or that they are notified when cookie file is sent.
Each User shall be deemed to have accepted the provisions of this Clarification Text by visiting this website.