About Ceraverse

Ceraverse is a full service technology company that is developing Augmented Reality and 3D Configurator technologies. We focused on creating new immersive experiences by pushing the boundaries of reality and creativity. For the sectors of E-commerce, Education, Science, Industry and more, we create and develop various kinds of Augmented Reality and 3D Configurator applications.

   Augmented Reality and 3D Configurator are changing commerce by creating incredible experience. People also welcome this change and developments very warmly. There is a strong trend of interest among users of internet on AR and 3D configurator. Augmented Reality and 3D configurator technologies are currently used in various sectors and their application areas are growing day by day.

   Ceraverse aims to be best partner of company for transition of the commerce system to the digital commerce system of new world. We develop different softwares for each industry which provide the best experience and fulfill all requirements. Ceraverse desires to create leading companies of digital commerce in each sector.

   We are a group of dreamers who have full of passion to create futures world. Because of that imagination and creativity are always in the center of our culture which are superior than any notion such as experience, knowledge or corporate hierarchy. If you have an idea which makes something better, you always have the first right to speak and act than others. As dreamers, this is what we deeply believe.

   Also we believe that creating new worlds is a team work act. We work together toward a common goal which is reaching to new digital commerce. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but also Rome wasn’t by one person. With honesty and helping each other, we push the limits to reach impossible. Let’s hold the line together.